At the beginning of each semester, you must see the academic advisor and register for the courses to take.
You should complete registration during weeks 1,2 of Fall/Spring, and week 1 of Summer, as indicated in the academic calendar.

Each course is assigned a number of credit hours (CH), between 1 and 6, depending on the course’s learning effort.

Your course load is the total registered CH. Its limits depend on your overall performance (CGPA).


Fall/Spring Summer
min max max
CGPA >= 3.33
2 consecutive semesters
12 21 6
1.7 <= CGPA < 3.33 12 19 6
CGPA < 1.7 12 13 6

You may make changes to your registration within time limits indicated in the academic calendar.
Addition of courses is allowed up to week 2 of the semester.
Drop of courses is allowed up to week 3 of Fall/Spring, and to week 2 of Summer.
Withdrawal from a course is allowed up to week 9 of Fall/Spring. The course grade will be “W”.


You should attend at least 75% of the contact time of each course, about 10 lectures/tutorials in Fall/Spring.
If your attendance in a course is less than 75%, you will not be allowed to sit for the final exam of that course, and your grade will be WF.

A student who is absent of the final exam of a course will have a grade FA (Fail Absent).
However, if absence is for an acceptable reason, the grade will be I (Incomplete), to have a makeup exam during weeks 1,2 of the next semester.

Courses Grading

The grade in a course is based on some or all of several grading components:
class work (quizzez, reports, participation, …), lab work, midterm exam, final lab exam, final oral exam, and final written exam.
Each component carries a specific portion of the course’s mark.of 100.

The total mark you obtain determines your grade in the course. Each grade gives a grade point per CH.

Total Mark % Grade Grade
Engineering Pharmacy
90   – 90   –       A 4.00
85   – 85   –       A- 3.70
80   – 80   –       B+ 3.30
75   – 75   –       B 3.00
70   – 72.5 –       B- 2.70
65   – 70   –       C+ 2.30
60   – 67.5 –       C 2.00
55   – 65   –       C- 1.70
52.5 – 62.5 –       D+ 1.30
50   –    60   -(*)       D 1.00
   < 50 < 60   (**)       F 0.00

Pharmacy Supplementary Courses: (*) 50 – (**) < 50 In each course, you earn a number of points.

earned points = Grade Point * course CH

If you repeat a failed course, the new grade will be at most C, and will replace the failing grade.
If you repeat a passed course, the new grade will be what you obtain, and will replace the previous grade.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

GPA is a measure of your performance in all courses taken in a semester.

GPA = sum of earned points in all courses / sum of CH of all course
(in one semester)

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

CGPA is a measure of your performance in all courses taken in all semesters up to the present semester.

CGPA = total earned points / total CH
(of all semesters)


The minimum CGPA to graduate is 2.00.

A graduate with CGPA >= 3.75 is granted a first honors degree.

A graduate with 3.25 <= CGPA < 3.75 is granted a second honors degree.

Academic Difficulty

> If you obtain semester GPA < 1.7 you will receive a letter of Academic Warning.

> If you obtain CGPA < 1.7 you will be placed on Academic Probation.

> If you are placed on Academic Probation for 3 consecutive semesters, you will be subject to Suspension/Dismissal.