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Says in 2016

Says in 2016, he had several personal rental ads that were hijacked. In one case, the crook wrote he was a man so a potential renter could not contact him by phone. He says often, a potential renter just gets an email address and in some cases, is asked to sent rent and deposit money…

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Then the unimaginable

Then the unimaginable happened. The minivan fell out of fashion, and were replaced themselves by SUVs and crossover utility vehicles. The rise and fall of the minivan occurred over. America space program is currently focused on the to Mars, a hugely expensive undertaking approved by President Barack Obama in 2010. The (still hazy) plan is…

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cheap travel discounts can be deceiving

cheap travel discounts can be deceiving RACINE A public hearing on the city’s proposed 2016 budget drew few comments and questions from Racine residents Thursday night, but those who did comment expressed passionate views on garbage and taxes. At City Hall, 730 Washington Ave., aldermen and administration officials gathered to hear input from residents. The…

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cheap tips to avoid identity theft

cheap tips to avoid identity theft Fortunately, my husband is more adventurous when he orders, which means I’ve been able to sample other pies. The Parma is another hit, with prosciutto and four cheeses gorgonzola, pecorino, mozzarella and provolone and finished with truffle oil. That’s right: 2016. A couple of years. Give them something new…

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cheap to download and slick to the eye

cheap to download and slick to the eye To aid in the shopping process we all made lists for one another. One of the items requested by my teenage niece was a dress form. Startups need ideas to drive business and market share very quickly. Customer acquisition, and not brand building, is the primary goal…

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In addition

Inexpensive Paris Hotels Inexpensive Paris hotels can be just as elegant and luxurious as some of the four and five star Paris hotels, without the high price. You may think that this is an impossibility, staying in a luxury hotel in Paris when you are cheap jerseys on a tight budget. However, it is…

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